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About Saharanpur

Saharanpur is situated in Uttar Pradesh and is administered by a Municipal Corporation. Saharanpur is also administrative headquarters for Saharanpur district as well as Saharanpur Division. The city was founded by a Sufi Saint, Sah haron who was also the treasurer of Mughal Empire. It is located very close to Haryana and Uttarakhand states’ border and is surrounded by agricultural region which produces grains as well as fruits. Sahanranpur is quite popular for wood carving cottage industry and for agricultural produce such as mangoes and basmati rice. Industries such as Paper, Sugar, Textiles, Cigarette factories, etc are situated here.

District Magistrate, Saharanpur
CUG Mobile No- 9454417575
Office Tel No.-(0132)-2726838 , 2723434
Fax No- (0132)-2715648
Residence No- (0132)-2716144, 2715526


Citizen's Call center : 155300
Child Helpline : 1098
Women Helpline : 1091
Crime Stopper : 1090

About Saharanpur

A Brief History of Saharanpur

The history of Saharanpur dates back to prehistoric era and also includes Indus Valley Civilization and Vedic Periods. It was ruled by several rulers including the Mughals and the Britishers. Post independence, migrants of West Punjab settled here which added to the cultural diversity of the city and they also made their mark in the business as well as other fields and were absorbed by the region. Exhibition Grounds in Saharanpur which served as the refugee’s accommodation were converted into a new modern township. The Aggarwals and Jains are the other influential business communities who are quite influential. 

In 1988, Haridwar was taken out of the Saharanpur city and a district was formed and Haridwar is merged with Uttarakhand state which was formed in 2000. The territorial reorganization of Saharanpur resulted in loss of important religious places as well as cultural heritage which disheartened the people of Saharanpur. The debates are on as to whether the Saharanpur should be included in Uttarakhand or formed as Harit Pradesh, the new state out of the western part of Uttar Pradesh.

Geography of Saharanpur

Saharanpur is situated at 29.97ON 77.55o E and is a part of doab region. The elevation of Saharanpur is 269 m (883 ft). It is 140 Kms to the southeast of Chandigarh; 170 Kms to the Delhi’s northeast and 68 Kms to the southwest of Dehradun.

Climate of Saharanpur

Sub-tropical climate influenced by the monsoon prevails in Saharanpur as it is situated very near to Himalayan region. Sub humid region prevails in upper Ganga plains.  Saharanpur’s average annual temperature is 23.3o. January is the coldest month and June, the hottest month. Humidity in eastern region is higher than the western region.

Administration of Saharanpur

In the year 2009, Saharanpur became Saharanpur Mahanagar with a municipal corporation. Earlier it had municipal association. Indian National Congress was dominating for many decades in the post independent era. But now the trend has changed and BJP as well as Congress is dominating in the region.

Business and Economy in Saharanpur

Saharanpur is also a flourishing industrial and business hub and it can be classified into Food, Agro Industries and Industrial Goods. Wood carving cottage industry is also a flourishing business which is recognized across the globe and it provides livelihood to half of the population of Saharanpur. Many modern showrooms, retail outlets, important banks are also located in the city. 

ITC Limited, a MNC cigarette manufacturing company is situated in Saharanpur and Baba Shib Dayal Bedi constructed it in 1930s. Baba Shib Dayal Bedi was Municipal Commissioner of the city then. Cherisys Technologies, New Delhi based IT solution provider has shifted here. Some of the other important industries are Sugar Mill, State Paper Mill, Wood Seasoning Mill, Textile Mill and Hardboard Mill are also located here. All these provide employment opportunities to the people of Saharanpur.

Culture of Saharanpur

The culture, language, dress, festivals, etc of Saharanpur is same as that of other cities of Uttar Pradesh. For entertainment, cinemas, eateries and hotels are available. Newspapers are published in Punjabi, English, Urdu and Hindi. The people of Saharanpur speak Khadiboli which is predominantly spoken by Punjabis fluently. The traditional garment of men is Kurta and Salwar whereas women wear Salwar Kurti and Patiala Suit since several Punjabis are living in Saharanpur. Now-a-days, modern approach is followed in clothes, standard of living and in thoughts and traditional attires are worn only at the time of festivals and special occasions.

Tourism in Saharanpur

Tourist attractions in Saharanpur

Saharanpur attracts tourist from neighbouring cities. It has several temples, mosques, gurudwaras, etc located in it. Let’s see about them here.

Shakti Peeth Shakumbari

It is situated 40 Km to the north of Saharanpur and the presiding deity of the temple is Shakumbari Devi. From the architecture and images found in the temple, the history of the temple could not be found. However, it is said that this temple was established by Adi Sankaracharya while performing penance here. According to local legend, Devi Shakumbari performed penance for 100 years during which she only ate vegetarian meal that too only once at the month end. It is also said that she killed Mahishasur Maha Daitya at this place. Every year during Navratri, Shakumbari Mela is organized here. 

Bhura Dev Temple or Bhairav Temple is situated in the vicinity of this temple. It is said that Bhura Dev is the guard of Shakumbari Devi and it is mandatory to visit this temple prior to the visit of Shakumbari temple.

Nau Gaza Peer Saharanpur

Nau Gaza peer in Saharanpur is unique though the city has many peers. The mazaar of the peer measures 26 ft in length but it is to be noted that it differs each time when it is measured. Two mazaars of Nau Gaza are situated in Baliakheri and Gagalheri respectively. An annual fair is conducted here in which large number of Muslims and Hindus take part. There are several stories associated with these mazaars. Out of which one story goes thus that this mazaar was built when the humans measured 26 ft. As per another story, these mazaars are named after saints of ancient times who had the power to read the minds of people within 9 yard radius.

Shakti Peeth Deoband

It is located on Saharanpur-Muzaffarnagar Highway in Deoband town.  Deoband is closely associated with Goddess Durga as it is believed that Goddess Durga lived in the forests here in ancient times. Because of this, this place got the name ‘Devi Van’ which later became Deoband. On the eastern side of this town lies an ancient lake called Devi Kund and it is believed that Devi Durga killed Maha Asur Durg in this Kund.  Bala Sundari temple built in memory of this incident exists near this kund. Here, naked statue of Goddess Durga is found along with old inscriptions carved on its walls and doors.  Chaitra Shukla Chaturdasi festival is celebrated in this temple. During the festival, the devotees take a holy dip in the waters of Devi Kund.

Shri Baba Lal Das

This is built in honour of Baba Shri Lal Das who performed his penance here which made the Mughal ruler Dara Shikoh to bow for the Indian culture. The Baba was born in Kaloor and was the disciple of Shri Chetan Swami. After obtaining education from his guru, Baba came to Saharanpur where he performed his penance for several years and this placed is located along Chilkana Road which is 4 Km to the north of Saharanpur bus station. This place is known as Lalvadi.

Ghuggha Veer (Ghugghal)

Yet another significant sightseeing attraction of Saharanpur is Ghuggha Veer which is otherwise known as Jahar Deewan Guggha Peer or Ghugghal. It is situated at Gangoh which is 5 Km southwest of Saharanpur. According to local legend, Raja Kunwar Pal Singh who was the King of Patan had two daughters called Kachhal and Vachhal. Post her marriage, Vachhal worshipped Guru Gorakhnath to be blessed with a son but when she was about to be blessed her sister Kachhal came here and got blessed with two sons which is actually meant for her sister. When this was revealed to the Guruji, he blessed Vachhal with a son (Ghugghal) on the condition that he will kill the sons of Kachhal. To escape from this, Ghugghal performed penance for several years and was blessed as Veer and this place was called as ‘Ghuggha Veer ki Marhi’. 

Every year a festival is celebrated on Shukla Paksh Dashmi to commemorate this incident and it is called as Mela Ghugghal. It is celebrated during the month of Bhado.

Saharanpur Botanical Garden

It is also called as Company Garden which is preserved by Britishers. It dates back to prior to 1750 and is the oldest gardens of India. It was then called Farahat Bakhsh and was the pleasure ground created by Intazam ud-ullah, the local chief. In the year 1817, Britishers acquired this garden and District Surgeon governed it.  Saharanpur Botanical garden became the centre for survey of north Indian flora during the Botanical Survey of India in the year 1887. This garden has contributed to a great extent to the science as well as economy of India and is next only to Calcutta Gardens. Today, the garden is governed by private and is home to several plants as well as flowers.

Services and Utilities in Saharanpur

Saharanpur being an industrial city has all the public utility services needed for the smooth running of businesses and peaceful life of the people. The utilities available in Saharanpur are

Electricity Office

The address of electricity office in Saharanpur is 

Bijli Ghar
Ambala Road, Patel Nagar
Uttar Pradesh 247 001

Banking Services

There are several public and private banks available in Saharanpur. Let’s see here some of the banks in Saharanpur. 

Yes Bank
2B/28 Mission Compound
Uttar Pradesh 247 001
Tel: 0132-2711432

State Bank of India
Chilkana Road, Hayat Colony
Uttar Pradesh 247 001
Tel: 1800-112211

Punjab National Bank
Saharanpur HO
Uttar Pradesh 247 001
Tel: 1800-1802222
Website: www.pnbindia.com 

ICICI Bank Ltd
Shop No 3,4,27,28, 29 & 30 Kazami Complex
Near Amrit Cinema, Ambala Road
Uttar Pradesh 247 001
Tel: 8081667777
Website: www.icicibank.com 

Axis Bank Ltd
A 5 Court Road
Saharanpur HO, Model Town
Mission Compound, Saharanpur
Uttar Pradesh 247 001
Tel: 0132-2712479, 2712480
Website: www.axisbank.com 

IDBI Bank Ltd
Monga Complex, Delhi Road
Near Saharanpur Sabzi Mandi
Uttar Pradesh 247 001
Tel: 0132-2765702, 2765704
Website: www.idbi.com 

HDFC Bank Ltd
Court Road
Uttar Pradesh 247 001
Tel: 0132-2726383, 9935903333
Website: www.hdfcbank.com 

Bank of India
Court Road, Shri Trilok Chand Jain Market
Uttar Pradesh 247 001
Tel: 0132-2646172

Bank of Baroda
Mahesh Market, Near Pul Dal Mandi
Uttar Pradesh 247 001
Tel: 0132-2648295
Website: www.bankofbaroda.com 

Oriental Bank of Commerce
Ambala Road, Saharanpur
Uttar Pradesh 247 001
Tel: 0132-2648309

Fire Services in Saharanpur

The address of Saharanpur fire service station is:

Fire Service Station
Ambala Road, Subhash Nagar
Uttar Pradesh 247 001
Tel: 9454418780

Postal and Courier Services

The address of post office in Saharanpur is: 

Saharanpur Head Post Office
Uttar Pradesh 247 001
Tel: 1800-112011

Some of the courier services available in Saharanpur are 

Blue Dart Express Ltd
Shop No 5, Khurja Mill Compound
Ambala Road
Uttar Pradesh 247 001
Tel: 0132-2647778, 9897813296

On Dot Couriers & Cargo Ltd
Roadways Bus Stand
Uttar Pradesh 247 001
Tel: 0132-2646935

Gati Kwe
Chhabra Complex, Near Thana Qutub Sher
Ambala Road
Uttar Pradesh 247 001
Tel: 0132-2646617, 9359146617

Blazeflash Couriers Ltd
6 Kiran Palaza Court Plaza 
Uttar Pradesh 247 001
Tel: 9368912006, 9412649440

Madhur Courier Services
Shaheed Ganj, Saharanpur HO
Uttar Pradesh 247 001
Tel: 9359771675

Shree Maruti Courier Service Pvt Ltd
1st Floor Irshad Market, Saharanpur
Uttar Pradesh 247 001
Tel: 9997665954

First Flight Couriers Ltd
Clock Tower, Novelty Market
Saharanpur 247 001
Website: www.firstflight.net 

Telecom and Broadband Services

The address of the BSNL office in Saharanpur is

BSNL Office
Subhash Nagar, Near Krishna Mandir
Uttar Pradesh 247 001
Tel: 1800-3451500

Private telecom companies also operate in Saharanpur.


Bachpan Play School
(Play schools & Day Care)
Main Road, Bhagat Singh Colony
Uttar Pradesh 247 001
Tel: 9811437000

Shemrock Blooms 
No 25 St Mary’s Lane, Mission Compound
Uttar Pradesh 247 001
Tel: 0132 2724609

How to Reach Saharanpur

Saharanpur is well connected by road to other cities of the state as the NH 73 and SH 57 as well as SH 59 runs through the city. For local transport, UPSRTC buses, cycle rickshaws, auto rickshaws, taxis and private buses are available. Both the state highways are being converted into four lanes and the work is in progress. Saharanpur is also a major railway junction and it also has secondary railway station (Tapri Railway Station). All major expresses passing through Saharanpur stops here. Saharanpur also has an airport at Saraswa Air Base which is maintained by Indian Air Force. Saharanpur is under consideration for setting up low cost airport as Government of India proposes to set up 200 low cost airports in the next 20 years for tier II and tier III cities.

Quick Facts about Saharanpur

Government - Municipal Councillor  
Population as per the 2011 census- 703,345
Time zone - IST
Postal Index Number - 247 001/02
STD Code - +91-0132
Official Languages - Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and English

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